Why is fabric very important in clothing design?

Fabric is considered very important in clothing design because:

Fabrics will create patterns and designs, especially in office clothes, the fabric is considered a decisive

factor, because if the fabric is beautiful, the new clothes can show a clear design and bring eye-catching

to the opposite person.


Besides, fabric is also a way to express the design style. Most work clothes like men's suits will have a

relatively simple design, without many details. Therefore, if the choice of fabric is not good, the outfit

will be difficult to achieve aesthetic effect, many costumes only use fabric patterns as the main design.

Therefore, fabric is very important.


Another factor for fabric material to play a major role in costume design is price. If the fabric is good, the

product price will be higher and vice versa. From there we can also understand why the products,

including high-priced men's suits, create a pleasant feeling. Feel more comfortable to wear than cheap