High-end measurement for a business dress or skirt

The fashion century breaks all rules. Beyond every step of preventing the liberation of spirit, human soul with simple skirts designed to create simple seams, opening a new fashion trend of modernization.

Skirt and Business dresses are indispensable costumes in the closet for ladies. A dress is also an outfit that is chosen by job, outing , for work or ages, or season.

Dress at shop Tường Tailor Hoi An

For office ladies after getting married, striving for work so the body is not as standard as the maiden, the choice of a dress that fits the trendy style, work and especially wear a skirt tailoring by your owned design.

So tailoring a dress or a skirt is the perfect choice.

High-end office fashion at Tuong Tailor Hoi An specializes in tailoring dresses according to the lady's patern.

High fashion at Tuong Tailor Hoi An possesses the most advanced sewing technology in Hoi An, barbers, designers are carefully trained and experienced over 10 years in Hoi An where traditional cultural convergence about hot garment industry.

With many collections available at Tuong Tailor Hoi An. You also can choose a custom design that you like. Tuong Tailor will give you the right design to fix the defect of your body as well as dress defects.

In addition to the specialized skills of each tailor measured at Tuong Tailor. Each dress gives you every needle point to always follow the industry's high standards: Smooth, flat, straight, regular and the density is only 4.5 stitches / 1cm

Tailor Business dress or skirt design of Tuong Tailor will be the perfect choice for office ladies.

Tuong Tailor Shop in Hoi An got tailor made high-end dress designs with free advice for any customers. Tuong Tailor will make you satisfied from the consultant until you receive the finished tailor products.

Tailor-made dresses at Tuong Tailor are warranted and do not incur any payment, even after customers request to repair such as: loosen, squeeze, cut short, extend according to the wear time of guests.

Here are some samples of high-end dress available at Tuong Tailor tailor shop.

a produce of Tuong Tailor Hoi An

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